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How to Watch US Netflix in Honduras Using Smart DNS on Kindle Fire

Posted in Kindle Fire on October 20, 2017
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People are using Smart DNS to unblock US Netflix app from Honduras on Kindle Fire unit,  where the Netflix app can show full tiles of those US streaming .    You could also already know that your Honduras Netflix app may not as same as the US version of Netflix.  And you cannot access to US Netflix series titles from Honduras.    Check the next paragraph and you could find it alike with you.

So you activate your Kindle Fire unit, logon to your Netflix account and see your most favorite series every evening. This is the show you enjoy the most, each program ends with a real cliffhanger, you are so addicted to watching the following coming episode. Till one night, you unexpectedly noticed that your most favorite show has actually gone! No indicator of that series in your Netflix account.   The show is like completely vanished from your Netflix account.   You might not see that the show is really still readily available on Netflix, but they are just available to US Netflix account.  To your little notification that the license of this programme has actually run out and can no more enable streaming on Honduras Netflix app.

Unblock Proxy

how-smart-dns-works-from-Honduras You are required to be on the United States Netflix so that you can stay on to see the show.  However you need to be physically live in the US to logon to the Netflix account on your Kindle Fire device prior to you can view the US version Netflix.  Otherwise your Kindle Fire unit ip will certainly be spotted by the United States Netflix app that you are really logon from Honduras.  This problem has actually been around ever since the launch of Netflix app, and people has been using a traditional remedy to overcome it.  This geographical limitation is typically bypass through a method where people make their internet connection through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxies.  The virtual private network or VPN and also proxies will certainly alter the ip address of Kindle Fire device where the ip is currently come to be a US IP address.  Currently your Netflix will be same as United States Netflix app showing US version of the programme catalogue.  With this technique, it allows you to have all the accessibility to the content of Netflix app United States when you are physically situated in Honduras. And also your Kindle Fire device will certainly continuously load with all your incomplete beloved series, awaiting your to watch.

how-to-watch-US-version-Netflix-outside-USA-onKindle FireMany maybe asking the differences of using the Virtual Private Network over SmartDNS service. Nevertheless, the use of VPN may not be as convenient as Smart DNS.  The media streaming speed normally are sluggish on virtual private connection or proxy.  The usage VPN or proxy could be easily blocked by Netflix account if they determined to do this in the future.  Luckily VPN and proxy are not the only approaches, there is a new and also very easy alternative way of bypassing the constraint, and it deals with any sort of  Kindle Fire device.  Smart DNS is the better remedy to a VPN or proxy.


What Is SmartDNS?

Lots of global sites utilize this graphical blocking to restrict specific nations from accessing to them.  So it is a fad now that people will use Smart DNS to gain accessibility of restricted Netflix app content in Honduras.  Prior to we chat everything about Smart DNS make use of internationally, you will be benefited if you have yourself first to recognize what exactly a Smart DNS is, likewise to actually recognize exactly how is this Smart DNS works and also how to utilize it.

how-to-watch-US-version-Netflix-outside-USA-setting-Kindle Fire For easy explanation, take the DNS (Domain Server) as the phone directory site of the internet.  So all those domain names will be listed in this web telephone directory or phone directory.  We all understand that the phone book includes addresses, so the Internet Protocol (IP) is the addresses listed in this web telephone directory, and these IPs are stemmed from domain names.  The factor for this is since we have to have the machine language offered in a form of communication that we can comprehend.  When accessing a domain name, they will certainly utilize the site IP address then go back to us is the web site that we intend to check out.  This makes our life much easier, now we merely should keep in mind a domain and input it in a web browser such as

Many people who have actually not attempted Smart DNS might be thought that this only used by those literate in computer or technology whizzes.  But in fact, you will certainly be amazed that Smart DNS is so commonly made use of by everyday individuals.  The typical usage for SmartDNS is primarily for accessing region-restricted content from worldwide or for your case, to gain access to United States Netflix account from Honduras.  Every person can currently grab the content of Netflix United States or other areas from Honduras, and view them over their Kindle Fire unit while literally be staying in their residence in Honduras

Smart DNS to Unblock Web Contents or Streaming Media Catalog

how-to-watch-US-version-Netflix-outside-USA-on-Kindle Fire-at-Honduras Just how Smart DNS works is, it will take the information connected with a user geographic place in Honduras and also a computer system server set up by the Smart DNS company will certainly start to receive those information.  This server will certainly receive the demand of an individual from Honduras where they want to view the area restricted block Netflix account content, the server has the accessibility to those restricted content since it lies in the area that was not blocked by that Netflix.  Through this arrangement, an individual who is physically staying in Honduras can currently have the access to the United States Netflix app content or content of other regions of the world via re-routing via these Smart DNS servers.

The Smart DNS established procedure will certainly never be made complex, no extra software program need, there also no need to mount any kind of application on your Kindle Fire unit. As long as you are ready to use a Smart DNS.  You can simply change the DNS on your Kindle Fire unit setups and have it attached to Smart DNS.  From the checklist of Smart DNS web servers, choose the one located in the Netflix account area that you intend to have access to.  All is done, and also currently you will certainly have complete accessibility to the US Netflix account content in Honduras using your Kindle Fire device.

Smart DNS vs. Virtual Private Network

smart-dns-proxy-service-on-Kindle Fire The connection speed is the significant various between the Smart DNS and a VPN, the reason Smart DNS has far better individual speed compared to the VPN is that it does not need to travel to a distant server location.  So a SmartDNS router setup provides you some of the advantages a VPN solution can offer (unblocking popular company like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Pandora on Kindle Fire) without the possible disadvantage of slower speed from heavy VPN security. 

smart-dns-to-watch-netflix-in-Honduras The use of VPN service could be conveniently blocked by the streaming service like Netflix, actually, Hulu is currently doing so to prevent user for accessing their content from Honduras.  In situations similar to this, SmartDNS absolutely wins the race of VPN vs. SmartDNS.  Altering the Kindle Fire device's Honduras IP address to a United States IP is what a VPN does.  Smart DNS, nonetheless, is to focus on provider like Hulu and Netflix to provide the most effective option in bypassing the area restricted content from Honduras.

Get Free Smart DNS


If your major goal is to view a smooth United States Netflix app reveal from Honduras without sacrifice your web connection.  Or if you want to accessibility to various other many streaming services that likewise have region constraint to Honduras or other location of the globe.  then, this Smart DNS service is exactly what you are looking for, click on this link to examine it out the FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE.

The best ways to arrangement a Smart DNS on your Kindle Fire unit easily?

how-to-watch-US-version-Netflix-outside-USA-Honduras So you might have signed up an account from the Smart DNS we have just advised.  And also you could be so excited to examine out the Smart DNS service on Kindle Fire unit for unblocking the Netflix account media content in Honduras.  So you may be wondering what to do following?  At this action, you simply have to make your Kindle Fire device ready for Smart DNS to be set up with its levels.  Prior to doing so, you may be asking if it setting up a Smart DNS is that easy?  You do not need to worry, the answer is indeed. No question for that, the procedure can be even less complex if you have the most effective unit to use Smart DNS service.

Many device, like a computer, only take a minute to set up with SmartDNS.  Within the setting menu of your Kindle Fire unit, you basically merely have to find the Internet connection setting and put the DNS address you got from the Smart DNS service provider.  So to unblock those region restricted contents from Honduras, you simply should apply the DNS addresses on the Kindle Fire unit and have them connected.

Why DNS Server Not Responding and How to Fix it?

how-to-configure-smart-dns-on-Kindle FireWhen it involves utilizing streaming media device, however, it 's vital to do your study first on getting started because the steps for each one vary.  And of course, certain devices might functions much better compared to other depending upon the device software and hardware specs.  Several of the units that can effortlessly setup with Smart DNS are Smart TVs and Apple TV, and these device are proven to be quite compatible with Smart DNS company.  For instance, the arrangement of Roku or Chromecast streaming unit is not like various other units, it call for Smart DNS setup at the router level and not at the unit.  Considering that the unblocking could not be done at the unit level as Roku and Chromecast have its secondary DNS hard coded to a public web server, so the arrangement needs to go to the router level.

It is straightforward and quick to setup and begin using Smart DNS on Kindle Fire device, and only some units may be differed like exactly what we have discussed.  making your device setup very easy and straightforward, it is constantly in portent to inspect the Smart DNS setup procedure.  Typically Smart DNS service provider web site will consist of those tutorials on ways to setup Smart DNS for various device; you should be able to find one that tell you how to setup for your Kindle Fire device.

Just how People Utilize Smart DNS?

how-to-watch-US-version-Netflix-outside-USA-when-you-are-at-HondurasThe Smart dns service has too many uses. A popular use for SmartDNS is with streaming company like Sesame Go, Hulu, HBO NOW, ESPN, BBC Sport, CBC, CBS, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Sling TV, WWE Network, Fandor, ORF, BT Sports, Universal Sports, BBC America, NBC Sports Live Extra, HBO Go, All4 Channel 4 or Channel 4 on Demand, Global TV, and The Simpsons World. and Netflix.  With Smart DNS, people could access to all region Netflix account media catalog, making the streaming content limitless.  You could sometimes saw a promotion that certain media content is currently streaming on Netflix account, however when you search for that movie title, it just not offered on your Honduras Netflix account.  Making that series readily available on your Honduras Netflix, you can use Smart DNS to attain this.  Merely by connect to the Smart DNS web server of that country, you will certainly have the ability to get instantaneous accessibility to the media content for streaming even though you are located in Honduras.

how-to-watch-US-version-Netflix-outside-USA-Kindle Fire When an individual takes a trip out from Honduras, she or he will not have the ability to access the very same content as Honduras Netflix app.  So Smart DNS will likewise make them to practically situate in Honduras.  And currently there disappears limitation for accessing the Honduras Netflix account media catalog, they can be located in anyway around the world but still able to enjoy this streaming content on Kindle Fire unit.  In addition to Netflix account, Smart DNS is additionally generally made use of for accessing.

Grab The FREE Smart DNS Account Currently, Begin to Unblock All Restricted content!

Free Smart DNS trial account is a great starting point.  Get the full Netflix app catalog and widen the Netflix app programme variety.    This is a great chance for you to use Smart DNS on your Kindle Fire unit to stream the US Netflix catalog while you are in Honduras.

Information of Users from other countries that also utilizes Smart DNS to unblock US Netflix can be found as following:


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